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A german shepherd posing for the camera

Residential Training

On occasion, more intensive instruction is required. Especially when time is against you, residential training is extremely useful. Following a short consultation, Gefion Dog Training will advise and inform you whether we can assist. Dogs will spend between 1 - 4 weeks in our care, receiving regular and consistent training. Training can be arranged in weekly blocks. In addition, you will be educated on a future training regime to ensure all improvements are maintained.


Sky, the German Shepherd bitch, arrived into Conifer Lodge Kennels for residential training. Sky was not focused and control was minimal. Despite the owner passing the Good Citizen dog scheme Bronze level, Sky was proving too much of a challenge.


When Sky first arrived she had not been let of the lead for a very long time as she would go ‘wild’ and become distracted, not returning to her owner. When we first let Sky off into a field, it took 2 hours to ‘bribe’ her back in. Thank goodness all that exercise made her peckish!


We knew we had our work cut out as her concentration levels were limited. Through regular training, first on the lead, we learnt some of the triggers that sent Sky into a frenzy. Some of these were things like a tight lead, too much handling and high pitched (panicked) commands.


Through patience and perseverance we started to get Sky to focus and her reward was either a treat or playing with a toy. We began to see a continued improvement over the next few weeks. We were able to get Sky to walk by our side and stay in one position for over 2 minutes. We also had her returning to us on command and also stopping when we asked. Previously the owner had struggled to even take a few steps away from Sky. Also, now being able to run freely and exercise Sky was happier and was even returning the toy to us.


Sky will require regular daily training from her owner if this improvement is to be maintained. Sky still has manic moments, but that is Sky and we don’t want to change that. We have helped dog and owner to work as a team now.

'Thank you so much for training Sky. She is being a really good girl now and coming when I call. She is a different dog. Once again, thank you.'


Sky's Owner

A trainer training a dog at Gefion Dog Training