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Bulldog Rosie posing for the camera A newspaper clipping of a story on Bulldog Rosie

Agoraphobie Rosie

Bulldog Rosie came for a week's training as her owners could not get her to leave the back garden. They had tried everything to encourage her, even lacing the pathway with meat, but to no avail. They were giving up hope that Rosie would ever see the outside world again.


Rosie was one stubborn Bulldog, but with intensive training Rosie soon left her agoraphobic ways behind her.


Her owners were amazed by the results and proudly walked Rosie down the street, for the first time in years.


Rosie became quite a star, making the national papers and even got a mention on the local news!


Exercise triggered off changes in Rosie's body and when she was returned home, she had her first season.  Her owners had longed to mate her and could not believe their luck.


You guessed it, just when they thought things couldn't get any better, the mating resulted in several puppies.


Agoraphobic Rosie was a mother!



'I was very impressed. The kennels were clean and tidy, it even smelt nice. I am definitely going to be sending my dog here as I can tell she will be well looked after.'


Mrs. Davies

Rosie playing the lawn