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Conifer Lodge Kennels

Conifer Lodge Kennels has been under the ownership of Ron and Teresa Mills since 2005. With help from a small dedicated team, we believe not just in providing a high standard of accommodation but an excellent level of care and attention. You can rest assured that our site is protected with 24 hour CCTV. On arrival, we ask that you ensure all dogs arrive on a lead. If you require any assistance, please contact Conifer Lodge Kennels and we will be happy to help.



Conifer Lodge Kennels contains individual, spacious accommodation kennels, suitable for all breeds. Each contains its own outside run and elevated window for natural lighting. Your dog is able to move freely, indoors and outside, throughout the day. Regular visits to the field are also provided atleast twice a day. Vet-beds and blankets are provided on arrival, however, we would encourage you to bring some home comforts. However, should they decide to destroy their bedding, we cannot accept responsibility for the damage.

'The staff were lovely, patient, understanding and genuinely interested in my dogs . . . All perfect.'


- Louise


- Daily Exercise.

- Secure Open Fields.

- Fun & Games

- Opportunity To  Run Freely.

- Conifer Lodge Kennels Only Ever Run Dogs From The Same


Health, Safety & Insurance

All dogs will be covered by the general conditions of the Pet Plan Insurance Scheme whilst in our care. This however, does not cover a recurrence of an existing ailment. Should your dog require medical attention, we will, where possible, contact your usual Veterinarian.


Conifer Lodge Kennels can work with your dog whilst you are away in an attempt to resolve any problems ready for your return. To discuss a training method in greater detail, contact us today. Alternatively, you can continue to browse through our website, particularly dog training.

At Conifer Lodge Kennels, we strive to feed your dog to your exact requirements, maintaining routine at all times. We offer a quality range of dried feeds from Arden Grange and KDT alongside a supply of tinned products. In addition, we have the facility to store frozen food. Our staff will ensure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh water.


All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis. In addition, Kennel Cough Vaccination is recommended. Kennel Cough can be caught anywhere. It is carried in air spores. On arrival, please bring an up-to-date vaccination certificate, signed by your Veterinarian.

Deposits are required when booking. Payment can be made by cash or cheque upon arrival. Cash only upon departure.


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Booking & Payment

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Collection & Delivery

This service is available for those owners unable to transport their dogs themselves. An additional charge will be levied for this service. Please contact Conifer Lodge Kennels.


If you do not collect your dog within two weeks of the agreed date of departure and we do not hear from you during this time, we reserve the right to rehome your dog as we think fit.