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Ron Mills

Teresa Mills

My first dog 'Jasmin' was a Collie cross. I started taking her to training classes at Rainham, although we never took it any further. She was an absolute joy to live with. I then got 'Lucy', a Labrador cross as a companion for Jasmin.


Then came ' Carly', a working sheep dog with more than a few issues. Completely crazy and headstrong.


I started taking Carly training and competed in a few shows but with my inexperience and her crazy forward attitude of working, we were clearly never destined for success in the ring.


The turning point was my Border Collie Jayde. She was a dream to work with and together we qualified out of Pre-Beginners and worked class 'A' & 'B'. Sadly, she had a grass seed in her leg and after 2 operations she never had the same drive to work. I will always be grateful for Jayde giving me the bug to work in obedience.


I then went on to work 'Tango' and 'Della' in Obedience and both were a joy to work & live with.


'Connie', my Spanish Water Dog, has provided many challenges, but when switched on, she is a dream to work alongside. I was very proud to enter Crufts 2014 as part of the Inter-Regional team. We won and Connie gained 3rd place.

I became interested in obedience training after obtaining my German Shepherd 'Lucky' in 1974, and later joining Ditton Dog Training Club. I began entering obedience shows in 1975 and won a Pre-Beginner class with her in 1976. I purchased my first Border Collie 'Harranvelt Buccaneer' (Moss) in July 1976. We competed all over the country and together we went from Beginners to Championship "C". At the Hastings Championship Show, we obtained 3rd place.


Instructing at Ditton Dog Training Club continued until 2000.  I remain the Chairman and help to run Open, Championship and Limit shows each year.


In addition, I specialise in dogs with behavioural problems. I am able to visit your home in an attempt to educate you on what is causing any unwanted behavioural issues.  As an alternative to residential training, an appointment can be arranged at Conifer Lodge Kennels.

Ron Mills holds a dog in his arm

'Just to say thank you so much for all your patience & encouragement which enabled us to get this far with Emma. There is no stopping us now and we are going for gold . . . eventually!'